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Certified Organic Sweet Almond ; 100% Pure & Cold Pressed, Vegan, Hexane Free, GMO Free, Natural Moisturizer for Face, Hair and Great for Massages, Skin and Hair Care. The German Quality & The Spirit of Egypt


    • Can be used for massage, aromatherapy, skin care, hair care, facial cleansing and natural makeup remover. 
    • Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.
    • A light, pale yellow oil that absorbs well into the skin, suitable for most skin types and leaves skin soft and supple. Sweet Organic Almond Oil is a popular massage oil and can be used alone or mixed with essential oils in massage oil blends.
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Jojoba Oil

Jojoba OilJojoba OilJojoba OilJojoba OilJojoba OilJojoba OilJojoba Oil

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil ; 100% Pure & Cold Pressed, Natural Moisturizer for Face and Hair and Great for all Skin DIYs (Polishes, Masks, Body)

nGREAT BASE FOR DIY SKIN CARE – Jojoba Oil’s mild, nutty scent and all-purpose benefits make it an ideal carrier oil for your favorite DIYs. Use it in facial oils, facial polishes, body scrubs, face serums and massage oils, or alone as an easy and natural eye-makeup remover.

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Natural Grape seed oil- 100%pure- 100%natural- cold pressed grape seed Oil-German Quality-spirit of Egypt-high quality natural products- for hair and skin

nGrape seed oil is loaded with flavonoids, vitamin E, linoleic acid and oligomeric proanthocyanidin which are basic so as to treat different wellbeing conditions. It is likewise utilized in balms, massage oils, hygienic and hair products, moisturizers, burn from the sun ointments and sunblock. It offers astringent just as antiseptic properties.

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