We are looking for exclusive agents for all governorates of the republic

The German company Go Natural establishes its factory in Egypt on the 6th of October Industrial Zone, Go Natural for natural cosmetics. 

Go Natural is a German company based in Berlin that has established its factory in the Arab Republic of Egypt, relying on its expertise in the field of natural cosmetics, to manufacture its high-quality products according to European quality standards and Egyptian standard specifications.  

It specializes in the production, manufacture, and packaging of a variety of cosmetic products and natural or aromatic oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and seeds. 

The factory succeeded in a short time in the manufacture of very distinguished products of German quality on Egyptian land, using the finest raw materials from nature without any chemical or organic additives harmful to the environment and its factory with the latest automated production lines. 

Go Natural strives to be a leading global natural cosmetics company with its Roots brands in European markets. 

 Go Natural also looks forward to gaining the confidence of global markets and gaining this confidence in the European markets, through its continuous commitment to provide a variety of healthy, high-quality natural cosmetic products, making it the preferred brand for natural beauty lovers across the world. 

Go Natural slogan, We are the prettiest with nature 

Producing the best pure natural cosmetics in terms of quality, health, efficiency, and safety, to suit the desires of everyone passionate about natural beauty and meet their unlimited and varied needs around the world. 

Go Natural vision: 

Grab the world’s attention to the importance of nature and its impact on public health, and this is through extracting natural cosmetics with advanced effectiveness that has a great impact in presenting a brilliant natural beauty targeted by those looking for natural beauty around the world. 

We are looking for exclusive agents for all governorates of the republic 

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